Coronation Street fans seriously distracted as they spot dangerous blunder with baby Alfie’s pram


ABI Franklin is back in the cobbles with her son Alfie as she battled for custody of her baby.

But during last night’s instalment, Coronation Street fans were in stitches as they saw Jack Webster push the baby in his pram.

Jack Webster is taking his role as a big brother seriously

But pushing a baby’s pram away from the curb was a challenge

Viewers were distracted by the rattling of the pram on the Street

Many expressed concerns for Alfie’s well-being – while others were left in stitches

After getting into a fight in school in retaliation to being bullied, the youngster portrayed by Kyran Bowes squabbled with his father Kevin over Abi and Alfie’s return home.

However, when the pair came back, Jack decided to take his big brother role seriously, as witnessed during last night’s instalment of the ITV soap.

Jack was seen pushing Alfie in his red pram while Abi (played by Sally Carman) chatted to social worker Wendy Papadopoulos.

Meanwhile on social media, viewers were too distracted from Abi’s conversation by the rattling of the pram.

Many of them were in hysterics upon seeing young Jack on the cobbles with Alfie.

“Jack rattling that pram down the cobbles just cracked me up. Poor A-a-a-l-l-l-l-l-f-f-f-f-fie!”, one of them wrote on Twitter.

Another jumped in: “Like a ride on Blackpool Pleasure Beach” as a third, more concerned fan, quipped: “Wow, Jack pushing Alfie in the pram across the cobbles – shaken baby syndrome or what!”

One viewer penned: “Baby Alfie’s pram across the cobbles just then!”

A fifth soap fan commented: “Jack just casually given baby Alfie whiplash with the cobbles.”

Kevin Webster’s son has already been the focus of all the attention in recent trips to Weatherfield, more particularly as viewers were flabbergasted when it was revealed he had just attended primary school for the last time.

Viewers couldn’t believe Jack was supposed to be eleven years old as the actor who plays him in the show, Kyran Bowes, celebrated his fifteenth birthday on April, 28.

“Refuse to believe it’s Jack’s last day at primary, secondary surely?”, one fan recently wrote on social media.

Another had echoed: “Jack has got to be the oldest looking primary school kid I’ve ever seen.”

A third fan pointed out: “Jack reminds me of that Brandon Lee bloke who pretended to be a school kid in his 30s.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Meanwhile, Abi and Wendy were chatting behind the lad

Jack has been quite the talk on social media, notably as viewers questioned his age on the show