Is Stacey Slater the one stealing from Ruby Allen? EastEnders star Lacey Turner has spoken out about her return


STACEY Slater will return to EastEnders in dramatic fashion next week as she makes her feelings known over Martin and Ruby’s controversial relationship. 

But is Stacey the one who’s been stealing Ruby Allen’s identity and pocketing her millions? Here’s the lowdown…

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Stacey will return next week as Ruby’s bank account is bled dry

Is Stacey the one that’s been stealing from Ruby in EastEnders?

Viewers know that Ruby has been battling with her bank over some huge transfers recently on the soap. 

And with Stacey set to return to the sight of her ex cosying up with her former best friend next week, EastEnders fans are convinced that she’s the one pretending to be Ruby to get her revenge.

One fan tweeted: “Stacey please bleed Ruby dry. She keeps taking your men.”

Another fan added: “It’s definitely Stacey that’s fleecing Ruby clean. ugh MONEY LAUNDERING PAYBACK QUEEN #Eastenders.”

A third viewer tweeted: “#Eastenders not just me assuming Stacey will be behind Ruby losing all her money – she is a Slater  after all there’s no way she’ll let Ruby take her man without revenge.”

But with EastEnders keeping shtum, viewers will have to tune in to find out whether Stacey has anything to do with Ruby’s downfall. 

EastEnders fans are convinced that Stacey is behind the fraudulent purchases on Ruby’s account

What has Lacey Turner said about Stacey’s return in EastEnders?

Speaking to Digital Spy, Lacey Turner – who plays Stacey – said: “She’s been through a break-up with Jerome and since then she’s been living the life. Then lockdown hit and she decided to stay put until lockdown had ended and decided that it was time to come home.

“Of course, Kat told her about Ruby and Martin. Kat came to visit her before lockdown and they’d been keeping in touch, and she’s been keeping her across all the gossip.”

Talking about Stacey’s reaction to the news about Ruby and Martin’s new relationship, Lacey added: “I think for Stacey, she just felt angry towards Ruby – that’s supposed to be her best friend.

“She’s really sad about her and Martin. In her heart of hearts she does still love him and I think it’s quite hard her to watch them together. But in true Stacey style, she will just put on a front and pretend she doesn’t care.”

Lacey added: “She thinks that it’s not that serious and that he’s there for the money. She definitely doesn’t think it’s going to last forever.

“It’s a bit of a joke to her and she would take Martin back tomorrow if he said he wanted to come back. I think she’s still very much in love with him. Which is so sad. Poor Stacey!”

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