Coronation Street fans shocked as killer Gary Windass confronts Craig Tinker for blackmailing Faye


CORONATION Street fans are in shock as killer Gary Windass confronted Craig Tinker over his blackmailing of Faye.

The killer – who is played by actor Mikey North in the ITV soap – has tried to get his sister Faye to realise she does want to move to Slough with Jackson and daughter Miley.

Gary confronted Craig over his blackmailing of Faye

Fans were shocked by their clash

Gary finally got through to Faye and she admitted she didn’t want to stay with Craig but had no choice. 

“I can’t leave Craig,” she told her brother. 

“I can’t because he knows something about me that could send me back to prison and he might tell the police. 

“It’s something that only me and Craig know, and Emma. It’s about a car accident, last year. 

“He was absolutely fine when we left him. It was too late and we tried to do the right thing but once Craig went back… He did it for me. He loves me so much, it was all fine until Jackson and Miley came back.”

Gary was furious at Craig blackmailing Faye to stay with him and went to look for him, but outside Craig was busy telling his mother that he had Faye under control and that she was going nowhere.

Dragging Craig upstairs, Gary let him have it: “You know what happened with the old man last year, and how you’re trying to threaten her.

“You trying to do a stretch inside, are you? Because I’m sure you’d have a great time. Corrupt copper locked up with murders and god knows who else. They’d pull off your arms and legs one by one.”

Craig tried to weasel out of his vile blackmail threats but Gary wasn’t having any of it – and then Beth arrived to demand the truth.

Beth laid everything bare – telling Craig that Faye didn’t love him and exposed Craig’s controlling behaviour.

But before Gary had a chance to expose Craig and Faye’s crimes, Faye dragged him out.

And later Gary was furious over it all and wanted to protect Faye and give her a chance at happiness.

And fans are in shock at the clash of the gingers.

One wrote: “Craig you better run, Gary can kill AND clearly get away with it!!”

A second said: “This scene between Beth Craig and Faye is intense”

Another added: Beth is an embarrassing, interfering mother, no wonder Craig is a wet lettuce…”

And someone else chimed in: “Craig is becoming a nasty piece of work!”

Beth waded in and demanded to know what was going on

She told Craig that Faye doesn’t love him
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