Coronation Street fans stunned by Stephanie Davis’ raunchy sex scene with Aadi Alahan


CORONATION Street fans are stunned by Stephanie Davis’ raunchy sex scene in tonight’s episode.

The former Hollyoaks actress plays Courtney Vance in the ITV soap – the wife of Dev Alahan’s business associate Darren.

Coronation Street’s Courtney, played by Stephanie Davis, launches herself at Aadi

Viewers know that Darren had hired Dev’s son Aadi as an apprentice before lumping him with being a glorified assistant and driver for his wife Courtney.

And while Dev has been coaching his son to help him convince Darren to bring him on in a partnership to take over Freshco’s supermarket business.

In tonight’s episode Aadi got his chance as Courtney told him about her MBA and offered to help him convince Darren of Dev’s usefulness.

Working together they managed it and Dev was brought in but during their celebrations in the Rovers, Aadi rushed out after getting an urgent text message.

Arriving at the office he found Courtney there alone – and she had clearly planned to get him along.

Closing the door, Courtney told Aadi how Darren had cheated on her, before she began removing her shoes.

“I think you knew I’d be here on my own, or you were hoping that I would be and now you’re not so sure but that’s OK,” she said.

“Don’t be so nervous. Have you got a girlfriend? Good. That makes me feel less guilty. You’re so sweet and innocent.”

“I’m not innocent,” he said as Courtney pounced on him for an office romp.

Fans were left stunned by the raunchy scenes.

One wrote: “The temperature has risen. 🔥🔥🔥

A second said: “Didn’t take her long, hook line and sinker Adi 😧🥴😂

Another added: “Courtney’s not wasting any time with Aadi, crikey”