Coronation Street fans terrified for Jacob Hay after dad Damon’s evil plan is revealed


CORONATION Street fans are terrified for Jacob Hay after a chilling threat from his evil dad Damon.

The waiter – who is played by actor Jack James Ryan in the ITV soap – was left broken tonight when his dad used him to accept drugs into the Bistro.

Jacob could be in serious trouble

And he has been warned he will be killed if he stays on the cobbles.

After successfully avoiding the police dog and flushing the drugs, Jacob realised his dad was setting him up.

But the destruction of the £50,000 worth of drugs has put a target on his back.

“You were a mistake Jacob,” Damon said. 

“Even your mum ended up regretting you. The truth is that I didn’t want you. You’re as dead to me as you always have been. 

“A liability that needs to disappear.”

Jacob stood up to his evil dad, and told him: “I’m not leaving. Beat me and be done with it. I’m not afraid of you anymore. I can take your worst.”

Demon replied, proving how evil he is, saying: “My worst? It’s not me you need to worry about. 

“I won’t defend you to them and once they find out you’ve lost their gear, you’re dead.

“So what’s it going to be run and live, or stay and die?”

Viewers are horrified at Damon’s actions and terrified for Jacob’s safety.

One wrote: “Feel for Jacob,just as he was turning his life around up pops his vile father”

A second said: “Jacob, Jacob, Jacob…… why did you even think he’d changed after 10 years? It’s only been a couple of weeks”

Another added: “Jacob‘s dad has shown his true colours. I feel scared for Jacob now! His dad’s come along and almost destroyed his life just when things were right for him”