Piers Morgan taunts his GMB replacement Alastair Campbell after he accidentally announced the Queen had died


PIERS Morgan taunted his Good Morning Britain replacement Alastair Campbell – after he mistakenly announced the Queen had died.

Tweeting a news story about the on-air blunder yesterday the star said the gaffe put his remarks about Meghan Markle in the shade.

Alastair Campbell accidentally announced the death of the Queen on GMB yesterday

He wrote: “I think this puts my disbelief of Princess Pinocchio’s porkies into proper perspective.

“Many congrats @campbellclaret .”

Piers quit GMB in March after refusing to apologise for saying he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s comments about mental health during her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The 56-year-old star also had a dig at Alastair – with whom he has had a simmering feud for years – on Tuesday telling him he’s not a proper celebrity.

The 56-year-old pointed out his successor’s error writing: ‘Many congrats’

He tweeted that the gaffe put his remarks about Meghan Markle in ‘proper perspective’

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair shocked everyone on GMB yesterday when he spoke about the “death of the Queen”.

He said: “We’ve talked a lot about Prince Philip after the death of the Queen.”

Moments later, having been made aware of his mistake, he interrupted the chat to say: “Can I just say, Susanna, I think I may have accidentally announced the death of the Queen.

“I meant Prince Philip.”

New GMB star Alastair made the gaffe during an interview with Vinnie Jones
The former spin doctor meant to say Prince Philip, who passed away last month

Susanna nodded her head sympathetically, telling him: “People knew exactly what you meant.”

Viewers at home were stunned by the incident, and flocked to Twitter to share their reaction, with one asking: “When did the Queen die??”