Coronation Street fans work out who murdered Charlie Walter – and it’s NOT Stu Carpenter


CORONATION Street fans are convinced they know who murdered Charlie Walter – and it isn’t Stu Carpenter.

The convicted murderer – who is played by actor Bill Fellows in the ITV soap – confessed to Charlie’s murder after being effectively tortured by police.

Stu returns home after serving 27 years in prison for the killing

Yasmeen told Stu she believes he is innocentand wants to help him

He served 27 years in prison for the killing – but continued to maintain his innocence.

In tonight’s episode Yasmeen Nazir met Stu as he was released from prison and told him that she believes he is innocent.

And more than that she is going to help him prove it by funding a solicitor to investigate the crime.

However she had one condition – that Stu tell his daughter Bridget that he is going to prove his innocence.

Stu went to Bridget’s house and to his shock discovered his daughter has a daughter of her own – and he opened up to her about proving his innocence.

As he became emotional, begging her to believe him, his ex-wife Lucy arrived and put an end to their conversation.

“Don’t you think she’s suffered enough?” thundered Lucy. 

“Have you any idea what it’s been like for her having her dad in prison for murder. We’ll have to relive the whole horrid ordeal all over again. 

“So you can go back to playing happy families – that ship has sailed.”

Stu told Lucy to stop interfering and let Bridget make up her own mind.

And then Lucy made her offer telling him: “I’ll step back so long as you drop this.”

However her insistence that Stu drop his bid to prove his innocence has viewers convinced she has an ulterior motive.

And they are sure that she murdered Charlie Walter and let Stu take the blame.

One wrote: ” Is Stu’s ex-wife the murderer?”

A second said: “I still think either Stu’s ex wife or daughter had something to do with his girlfriends death.”

Another added: “Stu’s ex-wife Lucy is the real killer?”

Stu feels worn out trying to prove he is innocent

Yasmeen tells Stu she wants to help him prove his innocence

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