Coronation Street legend Dave Dutton returns to soap for 11th role in 35 years


CORONATION Street legend Dave Dutton has racked up an impressive total of 11 roles on the show in 35 years.

The 73-year-old actor, who returned to our screens on Monday night as a man named Barry, first appeared on the popular ITV soap in 1985.

Dave Dutton hit our screens for the 11th time on Monday night in Corrie

Earlier this week he graced out screens for the 11th time when Peter Barlow got himself into a punch up on the streets.

Barry offered to help the landlord by phoning a friend, but also offered him a swig of whisky to ease the pain – not knowing that he’s had an alcohol addiction in the past.

But that’s not the first time Dave has played a role in one of our favourite soaps, he’s also had five different roles in Emmerdale too.

But lets take a look at what on-screen alter-ego’s he’s had in the past in the Cobbles…

1. Eric Priestley – 1985

The actor played his first ever role on the show in 1985 as Eric Priestley

Dave played the role of Eric Priestley in February 1985 as a guest cast member which focused around Sally Waterman resigning from her role in the Weatherfield Recorder after the Gazette offer her a job.

2. A gasman – 1989

He also portrayed the role of a gasman who cut of Mike Baldwin’s gas.

3. Bert Latham – December 1990 to 18 February 1991

Bert Latham sold Jack Duckworth a pooch which ended in a bit of trouble

One of his longest roles in the soap, Dave played Bert, Jack Duckworth’s pal who sold him a dog called Boomer.

However little did Jack know that Boomer was short for Boomerang – and he always ended up back with Bert no matter who he sold him to.

4. An insurance man – July 1995

Then four years later he returned to the Cobbles as an insurance man who tried to help Sally and Kevin Webster when their kitchen was set on fire by Bill.

5. Harry Benson – January to July 1998 and April 1999

Harry was Weatherfield Gazette’s photographer who first came to light in 1998.

He appeared on the show for a total of six episodes.

6. A photographer – November 2000

In 2000 he was the mad behind the camera who caught Jack Duckworth winning a hefty cheque of £59,631 from Skinners bookies.

7. A photographer – May 2001

A year later he returned to Corrie again to play the role of a photographer who caught the election campaign between Curly Watts and David Platt.

8. Gerald Unwin (2003)

He also played Gerald Unwin – Shelley Unwin’s uncle

Two years later he played the role of Shelley Unwin’s uncle.

He arrived at the street to attend her wedding to Peter Barlow.

9.  Clifford (2011)

Clifford kept his eye on Joy Fishwick

Then after an eight year break he took on the role of Joy Fishwick’s nosey neighbour who found him dead in his home after snooping around.

He did attend his funeral and also caught young Chesney snooping around in his home.

10. Leslie Rawlins – 2017

Mr Rawlins got into a spot of bother with Simon Barlow at school

His most recent character was Weatherfield High’s history teacher Mr Rawlins.

He had a bit of a run in with Simon Barlow and confiscated his phone, which had an important voicemail on from his dad when Ken Barlow was attacked.




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