Coronation Street reveals shock exit – as star opens up about finding religion


CORONATION Street has said goodbye to Zeedan Nazir for a new life in London after actor Qasim Akhtar revealed he had re-embraced religion.

The chef – who is played by actor Qasim in the ITV soap – reunited with ex-wife Marrium in Friday night’s episode and left for a new life in London.

Zeedan Nazir said goodbye to Corrie

Qasim Akhtar plays the chef on Corrie

His exit comes after the Nazir family were plunged into turmoil with his sister Alya being stabbed in a terrorist attack.

Viewers watched as she assured Zeedan she was stronger than he thought and she encouraged him to leave the cobbles behind for a new life.

However off-screen actor Qasim is still a member of the soap’s cast.

HOAR can confirm that he remains a cast member – but will be returning for occasional visits rather than regular appearances.

Qasim joined the soap in 2014 and remained a regular before quitting in 2018.

He made a comeback in 2021 but just two years later will be scaling back his appearances.

It comes after the actor opened up about re-embracing his Islamic faith after struggling for years with his fame and lifestyle.

He said: “August 2020 after years of over indulgence, procrastination, people pleasing, self doubt, bad company, anxiety, wrong decisions and just pure lack of contentment no matter how much money fame or worldly things I attained, I finally accepted something was missing and I was lying to myself that life was good an I was happy when in reality it was the opposite.

“It was at that moment of acceptance I knew serious changes had to be made so I decided to explore an avenue I always shied away from due to not wanting to give up a lifestyle I thought I loved as it didn’t correlate with religion but I swear by God the emptiness I carried for so long has gone an I now know nothing else would ever have filled that void.

“The journey I’ve been on whilst being a recluse consisted of me finding myself when I was lost living without a purpose chasing happiness in all the wrong places, reconnecting with my family, understanding what it really means to be a muslim not just by name but by action, seeking knowledge on this beautiful religion of Islam that I neglected all my life and most importantly establishing a relationship with the creator of this profound universe.”

He added: “I’ve spent the last 2 years feeding my soul and starving my desires and in October I traveled to a place that once never appealed to me. 

“The most sacred land on earth to 2 billion muslims around the world. Truly life changing.”

“Don’t get it twisted I still have my struggles everyday we battle demons,” he added. 

“But I’m a long way away from the dark place I once was.

“People close to me know the sacrifices I’ve made an how far I’ve come. 

“Alhamdulilah. All praise to the most high. Stay humble and have gratitude cos life is full of trials and tribulations and you will be tested but a wise man once said ‘the one who has true peace and contentment in his heart, no amount of calamities will depress this individual.’ 

“One love.”

Qasim’s Corrie co-stars shared their reactions to his words with Sally Carman writing: “Delighted for you my friend.”

Brooke Vincent said: “Love this proud of you!”

Ryan Clayton added: “Big love bro.”