British Gas Receives Most Complaints Despite Offering Limited Coverage


Despite only offering a single type of cover, British Gas has received more complaints than any other insurer, according to a recent report. The company's Homecare policy had a total of 76,000 complaints from January to June of this year, which is 21,000 more than the closest competitor. This is in contrast to other insurance companies that offer coverage for a variety of areas, such as pets, cars, holidays, and homes. British Gas solely focuses on call-outs for boilers and pipe work.

A "Sad Indictment" for British Gas

Consumer expert Martyn James has called British Gas's record a "sad indictment" of the company. He stated that British Gas is having a very bad year, considering their Homecare service only has one job – to fix boilers or ensure that pipes are working. With such a high number of complaints, it raises questions about the service provided. James also mentioned that there have been cases where emergency cover for boiler insurance has taken three months or more to be addressed. As a result, many people have found it more cost-effective to save money for a one-off call-out fee instead of purchasing insurance.

Premium Hikes and Profits

In May, British Gas faced public backlash after raising premiums by up to 83% for existing customers. Despite this, the company reported profits of nearly £1 billion in July. The most basic insurance package for British Gas Homecare costs £19 per month, while the full cover option is priced at £27 per month.

British Gas responded to the complaints by stating that they have conducted almost six million visits this year, and that over 80% of customers renew their policy year-on-year.

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