Coronation Street shock as doctors confirm Peter Barlow wasn’t drinking – as Carla dumps him


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after doctors confirmed Peter Barlow hadn’t been drinking – despite his drunken state.

The alcoholic – who is played by actor Chris Gascoyne in the ITV soap – was rushed to hospital after collapsing on Monday in an apparent drunken stupour.

Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow ended up in hospital but swore he hadn’t been drinking

But tonight, after partner Carla split up with him, doctors confirmed what he had been telling them all – he hadn’t touched a drop.

The doctor said: “You’ve been through a fairly traumatic experience. 

“When we examined you it became clear you’ve been suffering from Hepatic encephalopathy, so we gave you IV fluids and oxygen.

“There was certainly no trace of alcohol in his blood test results. 

Carla was mad at him for ‘relapsing’ and told him it was over

“Confusion is a classic symptom of HE. Peter’s disorientation was brought about by an accumulation of toxins arising from his liver failure and not from any alcohol consumption.”

After hearing the truth, Carla backtracked on her plans to leave Peter and told him: “I’m so sorry I should have listened to you. I let you down. I should have trusted you though.”

Later Lucas visited Peter himself and dropped the bombshell that even his own friends think Carla should leave him.

After learning the truth about what Steve said, Ken was raging.

But then in a shocking twist, the doctors revealed Peter had not been drinking

And when Tracy tried to defend him and said Peter was a nightmare to live with, he saw red and told them to move out.

He said: “Well if that’s how you feel I suggest you make alternative living arrangements. 

“Right now all I care about is getting my son well again. And if that doesn’t fit with your plans then it might be better for all concerned if you moved on.”

Viewers were overjoyed at Ken’s actions.

One wrote: “You tell ’em, Ken. Tracey’s so rude!”

A second said: “Ken Barlow is a LEGEND”

Another added: “Ken Barlow is a legend. love him”