Coronation Street shock as the police finally find proof Corey Brent murdered Seb Franklin


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after the police discovered proof that Corey Brent was involved in Seb Franklin’s murder.

The killer schoolboy – who is played by actor Maximus Evans in the ITV soap – got away with Seb’s attack by turning on his friends and claiming they killed Seb and he tried to help.

Corey was questioned by the police

However tonight after Asha and Abi drugged him to go through his phone, they discovered something unusual.

A running app on his phone showed him visiting an alleyway on the night of the attack – and then returning two days later.

He then went to the river at 3am, which pushed Asha to hand the phone over the police with a hint to check the GPS.

And later while Corey lay in hospital recovering from being drugged and falling down the stairs, the police questioned him.

Corey dad accused the police for bullying his son

The detective told him: “We’ve got CCTV footage of you heading into Orphanage Lane two days after the attack. But you’ve never been there before? 

“Are you sure because we went back to the night of the attack and looked at the footage and there you are again. You’re wearing a tracksuit and carrying a rucksack. 

“You emerge without the rucksack wearing a pair of jeans and a hoody. When you returned to Orphanage Lane two days later while you were ‘clearing your head’, you emerge with the rucksack. 

Asha drugged Corey and snooped through his phone

“The health app on your phone tracks you to the Irwell. Did you throw the bag into the river? The divers are taking a dip as we speak because when you emerge guess what – no rucksack. 

“Were you wearing that tracksuit when you attacked Seb Franklin?”

Corey cracked under questioning and admitted wearing the tracksuit but insisting he didn’t attack Seb – lying and claimed he tried to help him.

Corey cracked under questioning and lied about trying to help Seb

Fans were disgusted with Corey as one wrote: “Corey is such a liar and his dads an idiot hope he’s found out and sent down makes me sick!”

A second said: “Corey lies so damn easily!”

Another added: “Really really hope Corey gets found out.”

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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