Coronation Street Shocker: Beloved Character Says Goodbye After Three Years


Elaine Jones Bows Out of Corrie

In a surprising twist, Coronation Street bid farewell to Elaine Jones in tonight's episode. The beloved character, portrayed by actress Paula Wilcox, made her final appearance on the show after three eventful years.

A Fresh Start Away from the Past

After narrowly escaping the clutches of serial killer Stephen Reid, Elaine made the decision to start a new life away from the haunting memories. Speaking to Tim, she expressed her desire for a fresh start, free from the weight of the past.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

As Tim loaded her bags into the car, emotions ran high. Tim, clearly struggling with the departure, asked Elaine if she would be close by. Reassuringly, she replied, "Of course not." However, as the car pulled away, Tim experienced flashbacks and disappeared, leaving Elaine and Sally baffled.

A Search for Answers

Sally and Elaine frantically searched for Tim, but their efforts were in vain. Sally called him, only to be ignored as Tim sat in Victoria Gardens, deep in thought. Eventually, after receiving a pep talk from Steve McDonald, Tim made his way home and pretended to have been hungry.

A Farewell, but Not Forever

Despite the chaos, Elaine accepted Tim's apology for leaving her bags in the street and got into the car. However, this marks Elaine's final appearance on the cobbles for now, leaving fans in shock. Many took to social media to express their sadness at her departure, with one fan stating, "Really going to miss Elaine!"

As the beloved character bids adieu, viewers eagerly await what lies ahead on Coronation Street.

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