Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney Brown bans son Joseph from being near dangerous cousin Hope


CHESNEY Brown bans his son Joseph from being near his dangerous cousin Hope Stape. 

Hope recently set fire to Alina Pop’s flat after growing jealous of her pregnancy.

Chesney bans his son Joseph from seeing Hope Stape
Fiz is heartbroken by Chesney’s rash decision

The pyromaniac – who set fire to Underworld in 2019 – avoided prison after Tyrone reported her to the police but was told she’d have to attend youth rehab and therapy instead.

Next week, Chesney is shocked to realise Hope is returning to school next week and makes it clear he doesn’t want her anywhere near Joseph. 

Fiz is heartbroken by his decision. 

Later, Alina tells Tyrone that she’s arranged a call with their parents to discuss arrangements for their trip. 

However, it all kicks off when Fiz interrupts and reveals they need to collect Hope from school as she’s not settling in.

Will Tyrone prioritise Hope over Alina?

Viewers know that Tyrone is stuck in an accidental engagement with Alina whilst fighting feelings for his ex Fiz.

The mechanic broke down in front of Fiz following Hope’s sentencing and ended up kissing her.

Will the former couple reunite and break Alina’s heart?

Tyrone is torn between Alina and his ex Fiz

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