Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt tormented by nasty son Max with theft shock


THINGS are not going well for David Platt on Coronation Street as he’s tormented by son Max’s nasty behaviour.

David sticks his neck out for the schoolboy by defending him against Daniel Osbourne’s theft claims, but he’s in for a shock as the truth is revealed.

David Platt finds out the truth behind Max and the stolen wallet

Daniel is reported to the police by David in the ITV soap after he confronted Max over a stolen wallet.

With Daniel’s teaching career on the line, he apologises for grabbing Max’s jacket but refuses to withdraw his accusation about the stolen wallet.

David insists Daniel should be sacked and that, if the school don’t act, he’ll be forced to take matters into his own hands.

But an incident at the corner shop sees Max try to use a bank card which is declined, leaving Dev suspicious.

Dev shares his concerns with David, but continuing to put his family first, he insists he loaned his card to Max.

Shocked by the turn of events, once he’s alone with his son, David lets rip at Max.

Meanwhile Dev mentions Max and the declined bank card to Daniel, leaving Daniel with question over whether David is protecting Max.

David is also left wondering if he’s done the right thing covering up for Max, especially with his bad behaviour continuing.

From the offset, David’s wife Shona is suspicious of her stepson and refuses to support David’s actions.

To make matter worse, Max continues to defy his father, going out when he’s been grounded.

David orders him home but is forced to conceal his rage in front of a passing Daniel – much to Max’s amusement.

Will David continue to cover for his son?

Dev shares the news that Max tried to use a bank card in the shop which was declined
Will David continue to stick up for his son Max in public?
Daniel’s teaching career is at stake