Coronation Street spoilers: Derek Milligan turns mass shooter after Gary Windass destroys his life


CORONATION Street killer Gary Windass is responsible for at least one more death this Christmas, actor Craig Els has revealed.

The actor – who plays Derek Milligan in the ITV soap – has revealed the evil builder will push Derek to breaking point and cause the hostage shooting terror on Christmas Day.

The dramatic shooting takes place on Christmas Day as Derek takes revenge

Viewers know Gary has already caused the death of Rana Habeeb as well as murdering loan shark Rick Nealan.

Craig revealed: “It is because it is to do with Derek’s kids and the fact that Derek thinks he’s going to get a second chance at life, he says to Gary at one point that he is making inroads with his wife and she might take him back, but that he has had to pull out the big guns and promise Disneyland for Christmas.

“Everything hinges on that, up until that point he was a man who had nothing to lose, he thought he had lost his family so he was just happy to go along with Garys schemes.

“When Gary sent him packing and told him not to come back to the street he has gone back and managed to some degree to build back what he had before with his family.”

Actor Craig revealed Gary will push Derek to the shocking actions
The two will be in a brutal fight to the death

He added: “He comes back needing the extra money for Disneyland to try and salvage his life and really start again, that is what everything hinges on and when Gary takes that away from him completely, doesnt give him the money and makes him miss the flight, he is just broken.

“Gary has created a very dangerous beast, when someone has nothing to lose they will do extreme things and he wants revenge.

“He gets a text from his wife saying he will never see his kids again, his world has fallen apart and he has nothing to lose. Add the drink to that and the discovery of the gun anything could happen.”

Derek will turn to booze to cope and steal a gun from Gary’s shop and end up terrorising the cobbles, leaving at least one resident dead and others injured and terrified.

Craig added: “He just wants to scare Gary, he wants to see Gary as scared as Gary has made him feel and for once have the upper hand. What he doesnt anticipate is how far it could go and thats the tragic twist.

“It isn’t a plot by him to go on the rampage on the street and kill anyone, he is not an evil man. He was once a powerful man and he has had all that power taken away from him by the one man who has now taken the most precious thing away from him.

“He has been pushed, he is broken and wild, but he is not evil, there is no malicious intent there is no premeditation he is not Pat Phelan or Richard Hillman, he is an accidental gunman, an accidental villain. Things snowball out of his control and he is devastated by what he ends up doing.”