Coronation Street spoilers: Shona wakes up with amnesia and doesnt remember husband David Platt


CORONATION Street’s Shona Ramsey is set to wake up from her coma after being shot by Derek Milligan – but fails to recognise husband David Platt.

David has been begging brain dead Shona to wake up following the Christmas Day mass shooting horror on the ITV soap.

David has been pleading with Shona to wake up ahead of the trial

David is due to face his rapist Josh Tucker at trial this week as his wife lies in a coma.

Corrie fans know that Shona was caught in the crossfire of unhinged Derek Milligans rampage against Gary Windass in the ITV Christmas special.

But while in hospital her health took a turn for the worse and shes ended up in a coma.

David was devastated when the doctor revealed the results of the tests and broke the news that Shona’s brain activity has deteriorated.

Viewers watched David break down in tears under the pressure of the situation and beg Shona to wake up.

He wailed: “I need you to wake up now.

“They want me to testify at Josh’s trial. I can’t, you know I only reported him because you came with me. I can’t do this on my own. I can’t.”

Shona is set to wake up and not recognise David or their family

Shona is set to wake up and not recognise David or their family

In an upcoming episode, David goes to desperate measures to jog Shonas memory.

In scenes yet to air, David sits at Shonas bedside playing recordings of Max and Lily.

David is excited when her eyes flicker and the consultant confirms Shona is slowly emerging from her coma.

But when she briefly opens her eyes its clear she doesnt recognise David and hes devastated.

David can't face testifying at his rapist's trial without Shona in <a href=''>Coronation Street</a> ” width=”960″ height=”540″ /><figcaption class=David can’t face testifying at his rapist’s trial without Shona

Later in the week, Shona regains consciousness and tries to speak but she fails to still recognise David.

The consultant warns David that Shona has serious memory issues and that it could take up for a year to see any improvement.

David takes Max and Lily to visit Shona but theyre all horrified when she confuses Max with Clayton.

David refuses to give up and later returns with their wedding album – will he manage to get through to her?