Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow serves up revenge on Wendy Crozier with mum Deirdre’s help

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WENDY Crozier and Ken Barlow have been getting closer for several weeks, years after having an affair.

However, Tracy Barlow is opposed to their relationship and gets revenge on the social worker next week in Coronation Street.

Tracy Barlow isn’t happy with her stepfather Ken seeing Wendy

The pair had an affair which led to the breakdown of his marriage with Deirdre

Wendy also once tried to break Ken and Deirdre apart

The florist portrayed by soap icon Kate Ford first tried to intimidate Wendy (played by Roberta Kerr) when she first came back to the cobbles alongside Abi Franklin.

And she’s clearly not ready to let go of her grudge.

Coming up, in the café, Wendy gives Ken (William Roache) tickets to a book launch at the Bistro for his birthday.

Later on, Ken and Mary Taylor discuss her ideas for the play but he abruptly leaves after receiving a text from Wendy.

While in the Rovers, Mary tells Brian Packham and Tracy that Ken ditched her and even lied to her face.

Tracy is furious to realise what’s going on, clocking Brian’s shiftiness.

Meanwhile, at the book launch, Daniel Osbourne and his girlfriend Daisy Midgeley tell Ken they are pleased to see him with Wendy.

But things take a turn when Tracy storms in and makes her feelings very clear.

Surprisingly, Tracy later apologises to Ken for making a scene on his birthday and offers to cook lunch for Wendy to welcome her into the family.

Wendy arrives at No.1, grateful to see Tracy extend an olive branch.

However, this turns out to be another trick.

Ken sees red when Tracy dishes up her offering, stuffed marrow – Deirdre’s speciality.

As mentioned above, Ken and Wendy had an affair, which led to the breakdown of his first marriage with Deirdre.

The couple eventually reconciled and remarried in 2005 but Wendy tried to break them apart again in 2012, before being shunned away by Ken.

It’s therefore no wonder why Tracy is against her father figure getting romantically involved with Wendy once again as she may consider it a betrayal of her late mother.

As ITV viewers may remember, Deirdre died on her 60th birthday in 2015 – while the actress who played her, Anne Kirkbride, took her final breath in January that same year after battling breast cancer.

But how will Wendy react to Deirdre being mentioned at the dinner table?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Wendy once tried to rekindle her affair with Ken

Tracy has made it clear she’s opposed to Ken and Wendy seeing each other again on multiple occasions