Coronation Street Star Offered Security Amid Rise in Anti-Semitic Attacks


Soap Actress Receives Support

Coronation Street actress Dame Maureen Lipman has revealed that she was offered security guards by the show's producers to protect her from anti-Semitic attacks. This comes in the wake of a surge in attacks on British Jews following the Hamas terrorist incident. Lipman criticized "bleeding heartless liberals" for failing to condemn the violence.

Extra Security for Ex-EastEnders Star

Another Jewish actress, Tracy-Ann Oberman, who previously starred in EastEnders, also spoke out about the need for increased security. She revealed that her touring production of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice has had to employ additional security due to concerns about anti-Semitic extremists.

ITV Steps In

ITV, the network that airs Coronation Street, has stepped in to protect Dame Maureen Lipman as part of its duty-of-care protocol. A spokesperson for the channel confirmed that the well-being of the cast and crew is of utmost importance and that Lipman has the full support of the Coronation Street family.

Criticism of Artists for Palestine UK

Dame Maureen Lipman also spoke out against Artists for Palestine UK, a group that published a letter accusing Israel of war crimes without mentioning the Hamas attacks. Lipman questioned the group's judgment, stating that the signatories care more about the Palestinian cause than other oppressed peoples of the world.

October Declaration

Dame Maureen is among the 13,000 signatories of an "October Declaration" condemning the Hamas attacks and the rise in anti-Semitism. The declaration also criticizes the BBC's decision not to label Hamas as terrorists and calls on the police to do more to enforce the law against those promoting terror in the UK.

Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents

The declaration highlights a 651% increase in recorded anti-Semitic incidents since the Hamas attack. Jewish schools have been forced to close, and Jewish people have faced a barrage of abuse. The letter emphasizes that more Jews were killed in this incident than on any other day since the Holocaust and calls on the British state to do everything in its power to protect British Jews.

Vigil for Abducted Israelis

Dame Maureen recently attended a vigil for Israelis abducted by Hamas, where she expressed her support and called for their safe return. She has been a vocal advocate for the Jewish community and has drawn attention to their concerns.

Labour In-Fighting

Meanwhile, there is in-fighting within the Labour Party over its stance on Israel. Sir Keir Starmer has backed a crackdown on pro-Palestinian demonstrations and called for a review of the law to address hate crimes. However, his stance has led to the resignation of around 23 Labour councillors who disagree with his position on Israel's actions in Gaza.