Coronation Street Star Tisha Merry Makes Soap Comeback in Doctors

Tisha Merry in Doctors. , ,

Former Coronation Street star Tisha Merry has delighted fans by landing a new role in the popular BBC One soap Doctors. The 30-year-old actress, who previously played Steph Britton on Corrie from 2013-2017, will now portray a character called Serena Bradley.

Back on the Small Screen

Tisha Merry's return to television has been eagerly anticipated by her loyal fan base. Now starring in Doctors, she takes on the role of Serena Bradley, a character who had a complicated relationship with Bear (Dex Lee), much to the dismay of Claudia.

A Brief Stint in Coronation Street

Tisha's previous role on Corrie saw her play Steph Britton, a character who left Weatherfield for Portugal following her on-screen brother's murder. However, Tisha has never ruled out the possibility of returning to the cobbled streets, stating that her time on the soap was "the best years" of her life.

Embracing New Opportunities

After leaving Coronation Street, Tisha took the opportunity to explore other ventures, including the launch of her YouTube channel in 2020. While she enjoyed her time on Corrie, she saw her departure as a chance to "find out who I am." However, now that she has matured and settled down, Tisha is open to the idea of going back to the show.

A Love Connection

Shortly after leaving Coronation Street, Tisha found love with her former co-star Alan Halsall, who has portrayed Tyrone Dobbs on the show for 25 years. The couple now live together, adding a touch of romance to Tisha's already successful career.

While Tisha's time on Coronation Street may be in the past, her new role in Doctors proves that her talent and charm continue to captivate audiences. Fans eagerly await her scenes on the popular BBC One soap, where she is certain to make her mark once again.