Coronation Street’s Dev Alahan accuses Nina Lucas of horrifying crime against Asha


CORONATION Street’s Dev Alahan accuses Nina Lucas of forcing Asha Alahan to use drugs tonight.

The businessman – who is played by actor Jimmi Harkishin in the ITV soap – will angrily confront Nina after discovering Asha bought some pills that put her friend Kelly in the hospital.

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Dev makes a shocking accusation against Nina tonight

He will accuse Nina of being responsible – but he’s in for a shock when Nina tells him she and Asha split.

Nina dumps Asha after she surprises her with a night at a hotel. 

Nina – who is played by Mollie Gallagher in the ITV soap – was shocked when Asha confessed her love in recent scenes.

Asha is gutted when Nina dumps her

Next week, Nina will throw in the towel after Corey insults her and Asha both with homophobic comments.

Asha isn’t bothered by his behaviour and is pleased to see the back of him. 

However, when Asha plans a surprise night away in a hotel for Nina, it’s clear she’s unsettled by the gesture. 

Nina looked shocked when Asha confessed her love recently

Nina then tells Asha that it might be better if they stay mates, devastating Asha.

Viewers watched Nina start to withdraw from Asha when she asked her to attend Dev’s birthday party in recent scenes.

Desperate to avoid the event, Nina offered to look after the cafe for Roy instead of attending the family gathering. 

Asha suggests getting wasted with Kelly and Summer

Asha and Nina have only been dating for a few weeks

But when Aadi realised Nina was avoiding the party, he persuaded her to attend.

Nina looked uneasy as Dev made a speech welcoming her into the family, and even more shocked when Asha confessed her true feelings.

Corrie boss Ian MacLeod recently revealed there was a “heartbreaking” love story on the horizon for Nina.

He revealed: “There’ll be a fantastic and unique love story for Nina, which might not entirely end up where you expect now. The love story will turn into a massive social issue story that deals with tolerance of people who are part of minority communities and don’t look like everybody else.

He added: “It’ll become a real talking point – how does the world view people like Nina in reality? When they’re on Coronation Street, all of our characters take them under their wing – and the viewers have taken Nina to their hearts too.

“But in the real world, if you don’t look like everybody else, sometimes that can be incredibly challenging. We’re going to explore that a little bit in the show – to heartbreaking effect, I hope.

“That story draws in Roy, Abi and Kevin. It becomes a huge, emotive community story, with some of our favourite actors in the middle of it.”