Coronation Street’s First Gay Wedding Set to Make History


Wedding bells ring on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield

Coronation Street, the beloved ITV soap opera, is set to break new ground with its first ever gay wedding. Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman are ready to say their "I dos" despite the challenges they face.

A Love Story Touched by Tragedy

Paul Foreman, portrayed by Peter Ash, has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), a debilitating illness that is taking a toll on his health and mobility. With time running out, Paul and Billy, played by Daniel Brocklebank, are determined to make the most of the precious moments they have left together.

Corrie's History of Wedding Woes

As fans of the show know, Weatherfield hasn't had the best track record when it comes to LGBTQ+ weddings. Past lesbian ceremonies have faced obstacles, with Sian Powers and Sophie Webster's 2011 wedding never coming to fruition. Kate Connor and Rana Habeeb's big day in 2019 was tragically interrupted by a roof collapse, resulting in Rana's death. Will Billy and Paul be the ones to defy the odds?

A Team Effort

In episodes airing next week, Gemma and Bernie Winter, played by Dolly-Rose Campbell and Jane Hazlegrove respectively, lend a helping hand as Paul gets ready for his special day. As wedding guests anxiously await the couple's vows, emotions run high.

A Shocking Secret

With the ceremony complete, Billy is blindsided when he discovers that Paul has been keeping a secret from him. Will this revelation threaten to shatter their newly-wedded bliss?

Obstacles and Unforeseen Challenges

The couple already had to compromise on their wedding plans, opting for a civil ceremony instead of a religious one due to the Church of England's stance on same-sex marriages. But their trials are far from over. A new wheelchair arrives, but to their dismay, it doesn't fit through the doorway of their flat. As tensions rise, Billy's outburst in defense of his dying husband unknowingly exposes his secret.

Will Love Conquer All?

As the story unfolds, viewers are left wondering how Paul will react to Billy's outburst and whether their marriage can withstand these new challenges. Don't miss the drama as Coronation Street continues to captivate audiences on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 8pm on ITV.