Coronation Street’s Ian Bartholomew says his kids refuse to watch his scenes as ‘nasty’ Geoff


CORONATION Street star Ian Bartholomew has revealed his children can’t stand to watch his evil character Geoff Metcalfe on the show.

The actor – who has played abusive Geoff for a year in the ITV soap – told how the coercive control storyline has stopped his children from being able to enjoy his work.

Ian has revealed his children can’t watch him play evil Geoff

He shares two children, aged 15 and 13 with wife theatre director Loveday Ingram.

“My kids have seen me in loads of other things,” he told What’s On TV.

“I’ve done loads of musicals and shows and plays in Manchester, Liverpool and London.

“They started to watch Coronation Street, and when dad started to turn nasty, they said, ‘No, can’t watch it now, dad’ and I quite understand that.”

Geoff has terrorised Yasmeen behind closed doors
Geoff will be stabbed next week – but unfortunately he’ll survive

He added: “If they want to watch it, I’ll say, ‘You can watch this episode because this one’s alright, but I don’t want you watching that episode, because daddy’s not being very nice.’

“They know it’s not really dad, but they don’t want to see somebody who looks like dad being horrible.”

However his children may want to look away next week as the coercive control storyline comes to a head with Yasmeen fighting back and stabbing Geoff in the neck.

HOAR Online exclusively revealed how Yasmeen’s ordeal won’t end with the stabbing as Geoff will survive – and Yasmeen will find herself being charged with attempted murder.

A source said: “Yasmeen will finally realise what Geoff has been doing to her but her escape spirals out of control.

“There’s an explosive incident and Yasmeen has no choice but to do what she does.

“She will be arrested and charged for the attempted murder of Geoff.”