Coronation Street’s Jane Hazelgrove reveals she’s struggling with family tragedy off-screen amid terminal illness plot


CORRIE star Jane Hazelgrove has revealed she’s struggling with grief after a secret family tragedy off-screen.

The actress – who is currently filming a terminal illness storyline with her co-star Peter Ash – said it has been a very “emotional” time.

Jane Hazelgrove’s father passed away

She joined Corrie in 2020 as Bernie Winter

Jane – who plays Bernie Winter in the ITV soap – said: “I was very upset [when I found out about the storyline] as I adore Peter Ash [who plays Paul Foreman] so I was gutted as this meant he would be going.”

“My Corrie family are a tight unit. I’m so lucky to work with them all,” she told Inside Soap.

“I lost my dad recently, so I know what this kind of grief is like. It has been very emotional.”

Bernie’s on-screen son Paul was recently given the heartbreaking diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND).

It came as a shock to Paul as he thought he had just suffered a hand injury in a road accident caused by Carla Connor.

After being informed he was dying and therefore too ill to work, Paul went into financial despair and eventually got involved in criminal activity in a bid to earn some cash quick.

However, the police caught up with him and he was arrested and charged with car theft and he eventually revealed the real reason why to best friend and former flatmate Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Paul broke down at his sister’s wedding, where he told her of his illness with their mum Bernie overhearing the conversation.

He will be leaving the ITV soap at the end of his current storyline, but a date has not yet been confirmed.

Before moving onto the cobbles Jane was known to fans as Casualty’s Dixie.

The 54-year-old wed Emmerdale and Harry Potter star Isobel Middleton in 2015.

Jane spoke about their relationship on Lorraine saying in 2019: “She’s sensational, a really beautiful woman. I am very blessed.”

She joked that the pair, an item for 27 years, were still together because they had never worked together on screen.

However, they have both appeared in soaps, with Isobel playing no fewer than three characters in Emmerdale.

Jane meanwhile has appeared in London’s Burning, The Bill, Doctors and Holby City.

Paul, left, is facing heartbreak in his latest storyline