Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson reveals she wants Kelly Neelan and Simon Barlow to have romance


CORONATION Street’s Millie Gibson wants Kelly Neelan to have a steamy romance with Simon Barlow.

The 16-year-old became a permanent member of the cast this week after impressing bosses playing the mouthy and rebellious teenager.

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Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson would like her character Kelley to be in a relationship with Simon Barlow

Kelly is in huge trouble at the moment, after she was framed for Seb Franklin’s murder by Corey Brent.

Scheming Corey framed her in an effort to save his own skin – and now in detention awaiting a bail hearing, Kelly is set to realise just how vulnerable she is.

Should her character find a way to turn the tables on Corey, Millie would like the soap to revisit the possibility of a relationship between Kelly and Simon.

She said: “I think with Simon, it was a relationship with a person that’s actually on her level, they’re both troubled, they both have hard family lives, hard backstories and they’ve been through a lot.

Simon and Kelly had a brief flirt before he became overwhelmed with drug dealing and drug lord Harvey

“It would be good to explore their relationship a bit more, because I think it was the only pure thing that Kelly actually had, especially in a romantic sense.

“All of her other encounters with Corey [Brent] have been a bit of a game, a bit more malicious, a bit less meaningful.”

The pair exchanged a little a flirt last month, but any chance of romance at the time was snuffed out as Simon encountered some problems of his own.

Simon, along with his mother Leanne and Nick are in hiding following their ordeal with drug Lord Harvey, who is out for blood after they got him sent to prison.

The actress has also explained the gap in her right eyebrow, who fans thought had styled it that way as part of her evil character.

If Kelley can escape prison, will her and Simon get together?

Speaking to HOAR the actress, 17 next month, said viewers’ assumption she had styled it that way irritated her family.

She said: “My dad gets annoyed with online comments like that! When I was 2 or 3, I have pictures looking like a thug.

“I whacked my head off a corner on the bannister and my head just went massive. It never really healed, I kind of like it. It works with the character!”