Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper Arrested for Murder in Shock Plot with Explosive Twists


Roy Cropper in Hot Water

Roy Cropper, the cafe owner in Coronation Street, played by actor David Neilson, will face a shocking twist as he is arrested for murder in a new storyline on the ITV soap.

Prime Suspect in Mysterious Disappearance

After Lauren Bolton mysteriously vanishes without a trace, Roy finds himself as the prime suspect, with police catching him trying to clean up evidence at the crime scene.

Shocking Revelations

Actress Vicky Myers, who plays DS Swain in the show, revealed that Roy's arrest stems from suspicious elements in Bobby's interview, leading to a chain of events that incriminate Roy for murder.

Swain's Perspective

According to Myers, DS Swain remains focused on uncovering the truth behind Lauren's disappearance, unmoved by community reactions to Roy's arrest, as she diligently works to gather evidence for the case.