Coronation Street’s Shona will be ‘distressed and cold to David’ as she wakes from coma, says Julia Goulding


CORONATION Street star Julia Goulding has lifted the lid on what will happen to her character Shona Ramsey and husband David Platt once she wakes up from her coma.

The 35-year-old actress – who returned to the ITV soap from maternity leave earlier this year – opened up on the devastating effects of Shona’s brain injury.

Corrie’s Julia Goulding has revealed what will happen to Shona after she wakes up from her coma

Speaking to Digital Spy, Julia revealed: “She has no idea who he is – she feels very indifferent. She has no recollection so she’s quite scared. David is very familiar with her and she’s been told she’s married to him but she has no idea.

“Shona still believes that she lives in the Dog and Gun Estate. Suddenly being plucked from what you remember and landing in this Street with people you don’t know but they know you it’s really daunting. She doesn’t warm to it.”

Julia went on to explain that the nature of her injury has also caused a change in Shona’s personality.

She said: “It will potentially come across like she is being cold and mean to David but it’s not that. That’s where it goes from 1 to 100 in seconds. The bouncy Shona we used to know may not be as bouncy.”

Fans were left devastated after Shona was shot at the end of last year

Julia says her character will suffer severe memory loss

Shona won’t recognise husband David

In fact, she will even struggle to recognise her son Clayton.

“He’s around 20/1 currently but she remembers him as an early teenager. It’s quite a shock to see him. Her care worker Alice does forewarn her that he will look different,” she continued.

“It’s funny as, obviously I have recently had a baby of my own, and so I’ve tried to imagine waking up and seeing Franklin being 10 years old, with no memory.

“I keep thinking how distressing that would be to lose those years. Now I am a mother it has put me on another level.”

The injury will also take a toll on Shona’s personality

The actress returned to the soap earlier this year

Fans were devastated when Shona was shot by an unhinged Derek Milligan at the end of last year and left in a coma.

Shona then defied all odds by surviving when the consultant removed her breathing tube.

But the newlywed suffered severe memory loss and couldn’t even remember her husband David.

Her exit then came as she was moved to a specialist unit in Leeds to start on the long road to recovery.

Julia temporarily left the soap in January to go on maternity leave after giving birth to a baby boy – Franklin Wolf Silver – in November.

The star announced back in May 2019 that she was expecting a baby with husband Ben Silver after tying the knot in February.