Coronation Street’s Yana actress Jayne Tunnicliffe appears on The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft


CORONATION Street fans got a blast from the past tonight as Yana actress Jayne Tunnicliffe turned up on Keith Lemon’s new show.

The actress – who played Cilla Battersby-Brown’s best friend between 2004 and 2007 – showcased her crafting skills on The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft.

Jayne showed off her crafting skills on the show

She told Keith: “I played Cilla Battersby-Brown’s best friend.

“She was called Yana. I had an affair with Les Battersby, well she did I didn’t.”

Unfortunately she was sent home after the first round of the new show that is co-hosted by Anna Richardson.

Anna recently told HOAR Online how she is hoping to redeem herself in the arts and crafts world after being kicked off her art A Level course for being too rude.

The actress played Yarna on the soap

Anna has revealed she was kicked off her A Level art course for being too rude

She said: “I did art O level and went on to do art A-Level but got thrown off for being rude.

“I stopped making things at that point. I’ve always wanted to but I’ve needed someone to sit there and show me. But what I can do is knit, I can knit a mean scarf slash blanket and just keep knitting.

“I can knit, I can crochet, I can block print tea towels. I need a kit, I need an online tutorial but I love it but it keeps me really calm and you go into a state of flow and you can lose yourself for a few hours.”

Best known for hosting nude and rude dating show Naked Attraction, Anna – and Celebrity Juice’s host Keith – have toned down their usual behaviour to present the show that begins tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Anna hosts the show with Keith Lemon


Keith is the factory controller and is responsible for eliminating contestants early

And the pair hope the show will inspire viewers to begin craftings while they’re spending more time at home during lockdown.

Anna says: “The timing couldn’t be more perfect because people are at home more than ever.

“They’re baking, they’re cooking, they’re having sex or they’re exercising. So we’re sort of combing all of that and we’re being creative. It’s jolly, and it’s bright, and it’s fun and it’s aspirational and it’s family. So I’m really hoping that it will resonate.”

Keith adds: “There’s a good mix of crafters too with their skills – some of them are like artists. And I think that’s inspiring for viewers.

Anna is best known for hosting Naked Attraction

Anna is in a relationship with National Treasure Sue Perkins

“Especially in lockdown times when we’ve got nothing to do but buy masking tape and PVA glue from Amazon. It might inspire people to make something very good from bubblewrap.”

He adds: “It makes you feel good. It’s good to do crafting and when someone comes along and says, ‘Your crafting’s amazing’ it makes your chest get bigger, it’s good for your soul.

“There was a girl on there who had never been told she was good and when we were all amazed by her craft she was in tears.

“I was in tears and I had to think of my tax bills because I could feel the camera coming around me and I thought ‘You’re not filming me crying’. It’s a positive show, there’s no slurring or anything.”

The wholesome show also features Keith’s own mum as the tea lady and sees crafters go head to head to create something each week for a celebrity’s house.

Though they shouldn’t be too precious because only the winning craft survives with the others unceremoniously sent to a recycler and destroyed in front of their eyes.

The first celebrity to appear in tonight’s episode is Eamonn Holmes, while the likes of Katherine Ryan, Mel B, Martin Kemp, Nick Grimshaw and Spencer and Vogue Matthews will also appear.

* The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft starts Sunday May 10 at 8pm on Channel 4