Zack Hudson struggles to cope after major EastEnders bombshell


EMOTIONS are running high for Zack Hudson following his heart-breaking HIV diagnosis.

However, the EastEnders hunk is just as devastated to learn that his unborn baby’s health is also in jeopardy.

Zack Hudson was recently diagnosed with HIV

He’s been keeping his health ordeal a secret

Meanwhile, his unborn baby with Whitney faces a harrowing health diagnosis of its own

The chef portrayed by James Farrar recently discovered he was HIV positive after being urged by an old friend to get tested.

But embarrassed by his diagnosis, he has failed to share it with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) despite her being pregnant with his child.

Zack has managed to find support in the form of Sam Mitchell, one of the many women he’s endangered during his time in Albert Square.

Sam knows the truth about Zack’s ordeal and has encouraged him to take his condition seriously.

Coming up on BBC One, Zack starts his HIV medication, awash with guilt that he hasn’t shared anything with Whitney.

Although he may be afraid and even embarrassed, there’s another good reason for Zack staying quiet about his diagnosis.

In recent scenes of the long-running drama, Whitney received horrific news about their baby’s health.

The mother-to-be was diagnosed with Omphalocele, a birth defect of the abdominal wall meaning that the infant’s intestines, liver of other organs stick outside the belly through the belly button.

Whitney is worried about losing her unborn baby, although the survival rate remains relatively high, and following words of reassurance, Zack convinces her to visit the hospital for additional testing.

While there, however, he begins to suffer side effects from his medication.

Will he be forced to come clean to Whitney?

This remains to be seen but what is certain is that Zack struggles to come to terms with recent events.

He later breaks down to his half-sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) who has grown increasingly worried about his well-being.

Zack is still unable to bring himself to share his HIV diagnosis with her and, instead, tells her all about Whitney’s own health issues.

The gym owner gives him some wise words of advice, drawing from her own experiences as a parent.

Sharon even vows to support her brother and urges him to fight, not only for Whitney but most importantly for their baby.

Zack feels lighter after having shared some of his emotional turmoil.

But will he really be able to cope with everything?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Whitney is worried for her baby

But Zack is ready to support her
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