Danny Dyer reveals heartbreak over family death saying it was ‘f***ing heavy’ and trauma still haunts him today


DANNY Dyer has spoken out about the death of his grandfather and confessed the trauma still haunts him today.

The 48-year-old opened up on his podcast with daughter Dani, Sorted with the Dyers, and revealed that he was just a teen when he was caring for his grandad.

Danny opened up about a family trauma on his podcast

EastEnders actor Danny said: “I remember when I cared for my grandad for the last six months of his life. I was very young,16.

“When you’re that close to death and when you’re that close to someone and you see the deterioration that’s really f***ing heavy.

“I remember it so vividly the last six months – a big strong man, my grandfather was this father figure to me. He was just a deterioration of a man and he completely gave up.”

But, despite the challenging time, Danny admitted that the time he and his grandad spent together made them closer.

He added: “Within six months we had a bed installed downstairs, he couldn’t get up, he couldn’t go to the toilet. We really bonded over those six months but it was just awful – something that still stays with me now.”

HOAR recently revealed that Danny, his wife Jo Mas and their family have been offered £1m by Channel 4 to star in their own reality show, when he makes his exit from EastEnders later this year.

The Keeping up With The Kardashians-style show would focus on the home life of Danny, Jo and their children, Love Island winner Dani, 25, daughter Sunnie, 14, and son Arty, eight.

A TV source said: “Once Danny is a free agent later this year, the sky’s the limit.
“TV production companies are falling over themselves to film him and his family.

“Channel 4 made him a lucrative offer that he’s been tempted by and he knows his family would make really lively, fun TV as they’re all so down-to-earth and people at home can relate to them.”

Jo, 45, has previously said they had considered taking part in a family show.

She said: “We’ve been offered a reality show, but Danny is contracted at the BBC.

“We have always joked about it. People do say we need a show in our house because there’s always a drama. One day we might do it.”

The actor will leave EastEnders later this year
Danny and Jo have been offered a family reality show