Denise Fox Disappears after Suffering a Breakdown in EastEnders


Denise's Mental Health Decline

Keanu Taylor's death continues to haunt Denise Fox in EastEnders, and her mental health is rapidly deteriorating.

Denise Vanishes

Things take a turn for the worse next week as Denise, a fan favourite, goes missing. How will the rest of the Five cope?

Struggling to Cope

Sharon Watts' departure earlier this year has left her partners in crime with more problems to deal with. Two of them are also experiencing their own struggles.

Haunting Guilt

Denise is haunted by the possibility of being blamed for Keanu's murder after her necklace was found with him. Her mental health has been deeply affected, leading to hallucinations.

Recognizing the Signs

Stacey Slater realizes the gravity of Denise's situation and tries to convince her to seek help.

A Desperate Search

Denise's disappearance sparks a search party as residents of Walford rally together to find her.

Protecting a Secret

As her friends worry about Denise's well-being, they also grapple with the fear of their secret being exposed.

What's Next?

Will Denise be found before it's too late? EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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