Denise Fox’s Mental Health Takes a Dark Turn in EastEnders


Denise's Guilty Conscience

Denise Fox and five other Walford women are struggling with the aftermath of Keanu Taylor's murder, and it's taking a toll on Denise's mental health.

Denise's Descent into Chaos

Next week, Denise spirals out of control and makes a shocking confession. But could she be making a mistake?

Secrets and Consequences

Linda Carter killed Keanu Taylor to save her friend Sharon Watts, and Denise and the others helped bury the body. But the guilt is overwhelming.

A Troubled Birthday

As Denise's birthday approaches, she's unable to face her family and rushes out, leaving her husband Jack Branning worried and confused.

Marriage on the Rocks

Denise and Jack's marriage is already hanging by a thread, and her secrets only drive them further apart.

Desperate Measures

Denise considers telling Jack everything, but will he be able to handle the truth?

A Twist in the Courtroom

During a guardianship hearing, Denise learns about an altercation involving Jack and Stacey Slater, adding to her paranoia.

A Cry for Help

Chelsea Fox urges Denise to seek professional help, but will she listen?

A Betrayal Unveiled

Denise's paranoia leads her to steal Jack's phone, only to discover a shocking revelation about his infidelity.

A Fractured Reality

Denise's mental health continues to deteriorate, leading her to seek solace in unlikely places.

Is Denise in Danger?

With Jack growing closer to Stacey and her sister Kim gone, Denise's fragile state could put her in harm's way.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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