‘Disgusting’ Gina Knight Betrays Linda Carter in EastEnders


EastEnders fans are outraged by Gina Knight's actions, branding her as 'disgusting' after betraying Linda Carter. In Tuesday night's episode, Linda received a devastating blow as she faced her first Christmas without her husband Mick Carter. Adding to her distress, Linda had to see her rapist Dean on a daily basis. When Linda confronted Dean at the Beale's Eels new grotto, Gina shocked viewers by telling Dean that she believed him over Linda.

Outrage on Social Media

Viewers took to social media to express their discomfort and anger towards Gina's actions. One viewer tweeted, "Gina getting involved with Dean makes me so uncomfortable." Another viewer expressed concern that Gina might sleep with Dean or get pregnant by him, saying, "She better not sleep with Dean or get pregnant by him. Stomach turns thinking about it." Others called Gina a "horrible character" and hoped that Elaine, Linda's mother-in-law, would kick her out of the pub.

The scenes have left fans raging, and they can continue watching EastEnders on BBC One and iPlayer.