All the Tier fines Brits face £200 or more for breaking under new lockdown laws


NEW local lockdown Tiers will come into force on Wednesday with more than 99 per cent of people set to be living under the two toughest levels of restrictions.

People will face fines starting at £200 if they break the rules and businesses can be slapped with penalties up to £10,000 if they ignore the restrictions in their area.

People can be fined as much as £6,400 if they keep breaking the rules
More than 55 million people are in Tier 2 or Tier 3 areas

The national measures will come to an end on Wednesday and Boris Johnson has vowed the stricter new rules are necessary to keep new cases down

People will need to keep up to date with Tier their area is in – or face fines.

Breaking the rule of six

Police will be able to dole out fines to anyone who breaches the rule of six.

In Tier 1, people can meet up with people indoors and outdoors but the rule of six will apply, meaning they can only see five other people at any one time.

And in Tier 2 and 3, indoor mixing is banned.

But the rule of six applies in any outdoor settings – including pubs and restaurants – in Tier 2.

And for those in Tier 3, they are only allowed to meet up with people in outdoor public places, such as parks.

If people repeatedly break the rule of six in their local area, the fines climb to £6,400.

Indoor gatherings in Tier 2 or Tier 3

For people who live in Tier 2 and Tier 3, breaking the rule of six isn’t the only restriction they need to worry about.

Police will be able to fine people who meet up with others not from their household indoors.

There are exemptions for people in single adult households, who can form support bubbles.

New parents with kids under the age of one, or parents with a child who requires continuous care – for example if they have a disability – are also allowed to bubble up with one other household.

People in Tier 2 and 3 areas can still see other households outdoors

Organising a gathering of 30 or more people

Anyone who hosts an indoor gathering of more than 30 or more people will face even steeper fines.

Police can hand out £10,000 penalties for anyone who breaks the rules – in any Tier.

People who attend any parties or gatherings can also be fined £200.

There are exceptions for groups such as funerals which are allowed 30 people.

Support groups are also able to continue to take place.

Pubs serving alcohol without food – or breaking curfew

Businesses face hefty fines starting at £1,000 and climbing to £10,000 if they ignore the rules placed on them in their Tier.

That means pubs and restaurants in Tier 2 who serve alcohol to people without a substantial meal can be fined.

Today, the Environment Secretary George Eustice suggested a scotch egg could be a substantial meal.

Pubs and restaurants can also be fined if they break the curfew.

But in a boost for hospitality, the final time doors must close is now 11pm.

Last orders will need to be called at 10pm, but diners will have another hour to finish off their meals.

Businesses that ignore the rules and reopen

Any businesses which have been told they must close can be fined if they reopen.

In Tier 3, that means pubs and restaurants will break the law if they serve customers to dine in.

They are still allowed to serve takeaway food.

Shops in all areas will be allowed to reopen.

But a handful of businesses, including nightclubs, adults entertainment venues and shisha bans, will not be allowed to reopen in any areas.

If they ignore the rules, they can be fined £1,000 or more if they continue to ignore the rules.