Does Geoff get his comeuppance in Corrie? Coronation Street fans are livid


FUMING Coronation Street fans are hoping that Yasmeen will murder Geoff after he cooked her beloved pet chicken for dinner and fed it to her in a twisted trick.

The controversial scenes sparked hundreds of complaints to Ofcom after Yasmeen ran outside in tears.

Corrie’s Geoff cooked Yasmeen’s chicken and fed it to her

Why are Coronation Street fans fuming at Geoff?

Corrie fans were left raging after Geoff’s abuse came to a nasty head last week.

Fans watched in horror as Geoff killed Yasmeen’s chicken and fed it to her after she tried to serve him a plate of vegetables.

The bully banished her to her room before cooking up the surprise dinner.

Calling her down, he waited for her to swallow a number of mouthfuls before laughing at her.

As Yasmeen praised Geoff for the tenderness of the meat, he sneered: “Not too dry? I thought she might be a bit dry being an older bird.”

He then raised a toast to Charlotte as Yasmeen spat out her mouthful before running off in tears.

Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen for months in Corrie

Will Yasmeen murder Geoff in Corrie?

Livid fans have been left hoping that Yasmeen will murder Geoff after his latest stunt.

One fan tweeted: “I hope Yasmeen poisons Geoff the next time he comes home demanding dinner. To go out and kill her chicken and then make her eat it without telling her. Boiled my blood this evening. Evil excuse of a man. Yes I am getting this angry over a soap #coronationstreet.”

Another added: “Yasmeen kills Geoff walks because of coercive control. Probably six weeks remand.”

A third said: “Oh Geoff, you murderous bastard!!! I knew he was gonna kill poor Charlotte and have Yasmeen eat her! Omg Corrie that’s dark!!! Please let him get his comeuppance very soon, I can’t bear much more if this cruelty.”

Alya will confront Geoff over bullying Yasmeen in an explosive showdown in Corrie

Will Geoff’s abuse be exposed in Corrie?

Official spoilers have revealed that Alya is set to uncover Geoff’s abuse of Yasmeen after she realises he’s the culprit behind Speed Daal’s negative reviews.

Geoff has been using the nasty reviews as an excuse to bully Yasmeen, but in upcoming scenes Alya spots similar spelling mistakes in Geoff’s menus.

She then bursts into Geoff and Yasmeen’s lunch and challenges him in a furious showdown.

HOAR Online exclusively revealed last month that Alya is going to do more digging into Geoff’s background and discover evidence that could ruin him for good.

She sets about presenting the proof to her grandmother and tries to persuade her to leave Geoff.