Dying Lola Pearce hides hospital secret from husband Jay in EastEnders


LOLA Pearce has received the unwavering support of her on-off flame and husband Jay Brown after her brain tumour diagnosis.

However, the mechanic is heartbroken when he finds out she’s been keeping a hospital secret from him in EastEnders.

Jay Brown is hurt when he learns that Lola has been keeping a secret from him

Emma Harding returns to Albert Square next week

And tension is brimming

The pair are usually open with one another, with the hairdresser played by Danielle Harold telling Jay (Jamie Borthwick) all about her doubts for the future following his Christmas proposal.

Minutes before tying the knot, the lovebirds also shared a heartfelt conversation about their plans as Lola’s condition is terminal.

But in scenes due to air next week on BBC One, Jay is shocked when he hears Lola is having an MRI without him ever being in the loop.

This leads to Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) recommending that he go to the hospital to support Lola and she even decides to tag along to distract the latter’s mother Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit).

What happened to convince Lola she couldn’t be upfront with Jay?

It all begins when Jay and Lola’s daughter Lexi grow worried to see her zoning out – while she refuses to get checked out.

Unwilling to ask for help as she’s so determined to live her life to the fullest despite her illness, Lola pours all of her energy into a brain tumour awareness fundraiser, zoning out again.

To top it all off, when Jay suggests counselling for Lexi, Lola is adamant on supporting her daughter herself as well.

Eventually, Lola has no choice but to relent when Jay manages to convince her to arrange counselling for Lexi… until Emma arrives and undoes all his good work.

Lola is pleased to see her long-lost mother after the pair reconnected but Emma says she’s come to see how she is doing because a worried Lexi called her.

Lola is concerned that Emma secretly gave Lexi her number and encouraged her to lie but she can’t stay mad at her for too long.

This isn’t the case for Jay as he’s left fuming when Lola cancels the counsellor after Emma shares her thoughts.

In later scenes, Emma convinces Jay to put his feet up, guaranteeing him that Lola will be safe with her.

Jay obliges and goes on a night out with his friends Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway (played respectively by Max Bowden and Tony Clay).

While out, Jay strikes up a conversation with a woman named Shanti who is at a hen do she’s not enjoying and tells her how much he loves his wife.

But when Emma walks in with worrying news about Lola, she spots the pair and misreads the situation completely.

Jay is shocked to see Lola at her wit’s end with him and she orders him out, convinced he cheated on her.

Will Lola allow him back in?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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