EastEnders Accused of Copying Coronation Street as Jay Brown Meets Lola Pearce Lookalike


Grieving Jay Brown Spot Lola Pearce Lookalike

Fans of EastEnders are accusing the popular soap of copying Coronation Street in a recent storyline. Jay Brown, played by actor Jamie Borthwick, is struggling after the death of his wife Lola to cancer earlier this year. In a dramatic twist, Jay spots a woman in the Square who bears a striking resemblance to Lola.

A Shocking Encounter

In tonight's episode, Jay is rocked when he sees what appears to be his late wife Lola. Excited, he rushes over, only to realize that she has not returned from the dead – it's someone else entirely. The woman greets him with a simple "You alright?"

Confusion and Mistrust

Jay tries to gather himself and replies, "Yeah… morning." As the encounter continues, the woman walks into the pub and strikes up a conversation with Jay. As they go for a walk through the Square, she receives a phone call. When Jay asks if it's her boyfriend, she replies, "He's not my type, but the money's good. It's just a job, pays the bills and gets me through uni."

Unveiling the Truth

Jay becomes more confused and uncomfortable with the situation as she reveals that she is actually an escort. Realizing he had been mistaken, Jay walks away from the situation.

Similarities to a Coronation Street Plot

This storyline bears striking similarities to a previous plot in Coronation Street. When Sinead Tinker, a young mum, passed away from cancer, her widower Daniel Osbourne found solace in a lookalike named Nicky – who later revealed herself to be a prostitute. Fans of EastEnders have voiced their skepticism, accusing the show of copying its rival soap.

One viewer wrote, "I’m thinking this is waaaay too much of a coincidence," while another tweeted, "Waiting for when there will ever be a happy storyline… #Eastenders #Corrie."

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