EastEnders’ Callum Highway fears he will ‘lose everything’ as Jack Branning delivers devastating news


EASTENDERS’ Callum Highway lands himself in a tricky situation as DI Thompson threatens to expose him to the Mitchell family.

Callum has found himself in a tough predicament after Stuart nearly killed Thompson on the night of Ian Beale’s attack.

EastEnders’ Callum Highway fears he could ‘lose everything’

But as he seeks to get his revenge on Stuart, Thompson is keen to involve Callum in their mess.

Viewers of the BBC One soap have seen Callum (Tony Clay) turn to fellow cop Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) for help in recent weeks.

However, trouble soon strikes for Callum after Jack reveals there’s little hope of fixing the situation without the Mitchells finding out.

Callum knows his relationship with Ben is on the line if it’s revealed he has been double-crossing Phil.

Jack reveals he may have to come clean to DI Thompson’s boss

Callum has turned to Jack for support

Will Jack eventually help Callum?

Jack plans to tell DI Thompson’s boss everything, admitting he has no other choice.

But just as Callum fears he could lose it all, Jack cancels the meeting and decides to come up with a new plan.

Meanwhile, Thompson shares some bad news with Callum.

The cop reveals that while he was suspended, he spent time compiling evidance against the Mitchells.

Callum risks losing his relationship with boyfriend Ben

Callum has been forced to betray Phil Mitchell

Fans fear it could be over for Ballum

But will Jack’s plan help Callum before it’s too late?

Fans of the soap have been left fearing for Callum.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Poor Callum. I hope everything ends up going alright for him.”

Another said: “I can’t cope with Ben and Callum both being heartbroken at the same time. Please please let them be happy #thegratestlovestoryevertold.”

A third added: “They need some happiness and DI Thompson needs to go.”

A fourth commented: “Callum is better siding with the Mitchell’s so that he could keep Ben on side and make sure Phil is safe. Siding with Thompson could of been dangerous and it could of backfired on him. He should not of told Jack about Thompson’s vendetta against Phil.”