EastEnders fanatic Lord Sugar insists Linda is involved in Keanus death admitting he NEVER misses an episode


LORD Sugar has spent his Christmas analysing EastEnders – announcing tonight that Linda Carter is to blame for Keanu Taylor’s shooting.

The 72-year-old Apprentice businessman revealed he had cracked the mystery over the lad’s disappearance, telling fans he never misses an episode.

Apprentice star Lord Sugar reckons he’s cracked the EastEnders plot

The Lord is one of many fans who believe Linda got forced to wield the gun used in the shooting of Keanu after she was seen cleaning blood from her shoe in last night’s episode.

She went on a Christmas Day booze bender that was never shown, with many insisting Martin found her and made her pull the trigger.

Lord Sugar has been answering fan theories on Twitter – and even arguing with the official EastEnders account by insisting Keanu is alive.

He tweeted: “I say Keanu is not dead” to which the BBC replied: “The evidence says otherwise…”

Linda has been put firmly in the frame for Keanu’s murder by some fans

She was shown wiping what looked like blood off her shoe with a towel
Linda returned to the Queen Vic in a Santa costume – and with a black eye

In true Apprentice boardroom style he snapped back: “Show me the dead body not a video on Martin’s phone.”

The star later replied to a fan who told him: “Linda is now involved too clearly, she knew what had gone on while she was gone when clearly Mick was in no state to tell her.

“And shes got blood all over her shoes, think she ended up amongst it on her drunk wanderings x.”

He said: “Excellent – give the lady a script writing job.”

Martin showed Ben a video showing someone shooting Keanu
Viewers believe Martin used poor Linda as a drunk assassin
Lord Sugar has had his eye on all the latest EastEnders details

Lord Sugar then told another fan: “You have to watch Linda was desperately cleaning her shoes in the last episode.”

He also asked: “But what was martin Burning in the last shot?”

The star earlier rebuked a fan who tweeted him saying: “Like you watch EastEnders.”

Lord Sugar hit back: “I watch every Episode even when I am in the USA.”