EastEnders fans fear fan favourite character will quit Albert Square for good after worrying clue

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EASTENDERS fans have been left worrying that a legendary character is about to QUIT Albert Square for good.

Viewers of the BBC soap opera watched on as the fan favourite made a shock decision.

Sam Mitchell has been offered a job in Spain to run a hotel

Sam Mitchell, played by Kim Medcalf, was left over the moon when she was offered the job opportunity of a lifetime to head back to Spain to run a mega-hotel.

The proposition came from her murky ex Don which instantly was enough to put her brother Phil (Steve McFadden) and her ex Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) off the idea.

Jack berated Sam for even considering the idea of heading back abroad as their young son Ricky deals with the impending birth of his and Lily Slater’s first child – which Sam promised to be there to support.

Later on, Sam was left perplexed as she weighed up the option if moving for the incredible opportunity was worth leaving Ricky and her unborn grandchild behind for.

Chatting to Honey (Emma Barton) in the pub, Sam questioned her on what the best decision would be.

Honey told her to focus on the positives and to sell the prospect to Ricky so that he felt as though he was being benefited from the situation.

She said to Sam: “If this job works out for you, there is going to be money – if it really works out, lots of money!

“You are gonna make sure that Ricky gets some of that and Lily too!”

As Sam insisted it “goes without saying” that she will hand over some of her cash to her son and pregnant Lily, she came to a conclusion.

As Honey backtracked over pressuring Sam into a decision, the businesswoman insisted she had been a help as she said: “It’s mine [decision] and I’ve made it.”

Later, as she left The Vic and called over Ricky to have a chat about her move, Jack abruptly butted in to tell their son that she was “running off” again.

Sam told her son: “Listen Ricky, it’s only for a little while, you know, I’ll be back before you know it and when I do get back, I’ll have more money to spend on you and the baby and you can come out and visit me anytime you want – the three of you, come and have a lovely holiday in the son.”

Clearly rattled by the news, Ricky seemed downhearted as he hit back at Sam and told her he was ‘shocked’ it had taken her this long to up sticks once again.

Owing to Ricky’s bad reaction, fans have now been left convinced that Sam could be leaving Walford behind for good to take up the offer and not return.

One fan said online: “sam :(( i’m heartbroken”, while another added: “Eastenders twitter collapsing after hearing about sam mitchell leaving.”

Sharing a clip of the famous fire scene, another added: “Sam I’m so disappointed in you just when you were turning a corner.

“Ricky already has abandonment issues this is why he’s pushing you away. You made a promise to Ricky to be there for him and the baby and you’re going to break it.”

Fans are worried that Sam will be leaving the square