EastEnders fans hearts break as Amy Mitchell is taken away in an ambulance


EASTENDERS fans were left devastated as Amy Mitchell’s self-harm storyline took a heartbreaking turn.

During tonight’s episode, viewers of the BBC One soap saw Amy battle with her anxiety after things appeared to be looking up for the troubled young teen.

Amy was taken away by ambulance after self harming

Amy was in trouble and asked her brother for help

Amy has been receiving help and it was revealed by her father Jack Branning, played by Scott Maslen, at the start of tonight’s episode that she would be meeting her new therapist in order to move forward.

Despite it looking like Amy would be getting better thanks to the help of her therapist, Jack was concerned for his daughter after her traumas had resulted in her growing apart from her friends and boyfriend Denzel, whom Jack is risking losing his job over after he attacked him in a violent rage earlier this year.

Jack spoke to Howie, Denzel’s father in a bid to convince him to allow Denzel to spend some time with Amy as Jack believed it would be best for his daughter.

Howie worried it was a lot to put on Denzel’s shoulders but eventually allowed his son to spend time with Amy.

Throughout the episode, Amy appeared distracted as she rubbed at her arms over her clothes as she battled her demons however her mood soon lifted as she enjoyed some food with Denzel in the cafe.

Amy showed glimpses of being back to her usual self as she joked with Denzel over his ditsy personality however it soon came crashing down when their pal arrived and mistakenly told Amy that Jack had already lost his job because of the attack on Denzel.

With this news setting Amy back, she shunned attending her appointment and headed home and into her bedroom.

Soon, a panicked Amy ran downstairs to brother Ricky.

A clearly distressed Amy said: “I don’t know what I’ve done. Ricky! Ricky! It won’t stop bleeding.”

Amy had a towel clung to her arm as a shocked Ricky looked on as she added: “I must have gone too far. You’ve got to do something, please!”

Ricky grabbed his phone and said: “We need to call someone.”

A panicked Amy replied: “No, I’ll get in trouble.”

As Jack received a phone call to alert him that Amy did not attend her appointment he went outside to see an ambulance outside his house as they began to lift Amy into it.

Jack jumped in the ambulance as Denise comforted Ricky as Amy told her dad she was ‘sorry’.

Fans were heartbroken at the tragic scenes with one saying: “Oh poor Amy! Horrific! But an important plot.”

Another added: “I hope Amy’s going to be okay!! ?

A third commented: “Jack saying “it’s alright daddy’s here” to amy in the ambulance fucking hell that was emotional.”

While a fourth penned: “This is such an important storyline, but it is also a really hard watch. Well done #EastEnders for covering it so well”

Ricky was panicked as he went to phone for help

Denise comforted Ricky

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday on BBC One and iPlayer.

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