EastEnders fans in shock as Kim Fox makes a fatal mistake and causes huge car crash

EastEnders,04-04-2023,6674,EastEnders|Kim Fox (TAMEKA EMPSON),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 28TH MARCH 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Kim Fox made a fatal mistake tonight and caused a devastating car crash.

The Influencer – who is played by actress Tameka Empson in the BBC soap – was high on life after winning a car at a social media awards bash.

EastEnders Kim Fox made a fatal mistake

Even after arriving home to find her stepson Denzel, 14, had thrown a party and got drunk teenagers all through her house, she was still full of joy.

And when Howie was determined to punish his son, Kim took him away for a bite to eat and a drive in her new car as a distraction.

But while they were driving back, Kim heard a phone beep in the glove box and found Denise’s phone.

Denise was receiving furious texts from Ravi exposing their almost affair – but Kim was reading them.

Shocked at what she was seeing, Kim couldn’t stop looking.

Distracted by the texts from Ravi to Denise, Kim couldn’t keep her eyes on the road.

And when Denzel screamed for Kim to pay attention when she nearly hit a man crossing the road, disaster struck.

She panicked and swerved to avoid him but accelerated across the road, in front of a bus and then into a building covered in Scaffolding.

A passing Mitch Baker saw the devastation and ran up to try and help.

But as he got to the door the building started to come down.

And inside the car Kim and Denzel were unconscious and bleeding.

Viewers were in shock at the devastating scenes.

One wrote: “Kim was clearly reading the text & looking at her phone while driving & that is stupid! #eastenders.”

A second said: “Is Kim really that idiotic? you’re driving with a kid and looking deep into a phone.”

Another added: “OMG! Kim with that damn phone whilst driving 😩#EastEnders.”