EastEnders fans in tears as Daniel dies in the gardens after Jean gets the all-clear from cancer


EASTENDERS fans were left in tears tonight as Daniel lost his fight with cancer after Jean got the all-clear.

Earlier this week, the character – played by Ade Edmondson – vowed to stay alive until his partner was told that her own cancer had gone.

Daniel passed away on the Albert Square bench

At the start of the episode, Daniel encouraged Jean to go to her appointment after she said that she’d rather stay home to look after him.

She broke down in tears when the doctor told her that her latest MRI showed that she had no more signs of camera and no longer needed chemo.

While the doctor assumed that they were happy tears, Jean sobbed that Daniel was going to “give up” on his own fight now, wailing: “It’s not fair!”

She initially lied to her partner, claiming that she didn’t receive her results, only for Mo to reveal the good news.

Jean broke down when she received the all-clear
She embraced Daniel

Daniel asked Jean what the weather was like outside as he embraced her on the sofa, and she joined him for a walk to the bench in the middle of the square.

Daniel said: “Look at all them front doors, all those families getting on with their lives.

“All the families before them are dead now. It’s not morbid, it’s just the way things are, it’s the way it’s always been.”

The two enjoyed a playful chat, with the pair proclaiming their love for one another as they joked together.

Daniel and Jean laughed and joked together

Daniel then asked Jean to get him a hot chocolate with marshmallows from the kiosk in the park, telling her once again that he loved her.

He then joked: “Here’s a good one, how do you tell a time travel joke? I’ll tell you when you get back.”

When Jean returned – with two hot chocolates in tow – Daniel had died.

She sat beside him and said: “I’m going to tell you a secret, you really are the love of my life.

Jean told Daniel how much she loved him
The character then burst into tears

“I promise you, I am going to live my life being more feisty – being more Jean.”

Her face then crumpled as she burst into tears, and fans were left emotional at the heartbreaking scenes, flocking to social media to share their reaction.

One wrote: “Bloody hell, I’m weeping here – such a sad episode.”

Another added: “My heart is now broken, how will Jean cope without her Daniel?”

A third said: “My tears are falling for Daniel this episode.”

Daniel first appeared in the BBC One soap last year, meeting Jean at hospital as they both battled cancer.

His character had a large role in helping Jean through her ovarian cancer diagnosis, and they soon fell for one another.

However, Jean faced heartache when he faked his own death last year – because he didn’t want her to fall in love only for him to pass away soon after.

But Daniel made a shock comeback at Christmas when he stepped in to stop Jean and her family from being evicted from their home.

Jean and Daniel ended up falling madly in love, and have had viewers in tears with their sweet displays of affection in recent months.

Before long, Daniel was told that his illness was terminal and he had just weeks to live – with the character refusing to die before knowing that Jean was going to be okay.

He proved true to his word – but his death will no doubt have a devastating impact on Jean going forward.