EastEnders Fans Speculate: Is Keanu Taylor Really Dead?


Fans Spot 'Killer Clue' Hinting at Surprise Twist

EastEnders fans have been left wondering if Keanu Taylor is really dead after a shocking revelation in last night's episode. As the identity of the killer and the victim was finally unveiled, some viewers believe that there may be more twists and turns to come.

Unanswered Questions Leave Fans Intrigued

Despite Linda's confession to killing Keanu in the Queen Vic, some fans are skeptical because the show never explicitly confirmed his death. Social media was abuzz with theories, with one fan questioning, "Is Keanu actually dead or is it gonna be a thing where he pops out of nowhere 10 years later like Kathy?"

Sneak Preview Raises More Questions

EastEnders recently released a sneak preview of tonight's episode, adding to the speculation. The clip shows Linda in a state of distress, prompting viewers to wonder what will unfold next. Meanwhile, there are also concerns about the fate of Dean and the possibility of framing him for Keanu's murder.

Evil Nish's Survival Sparks Outrage

While some fans are kept on the edge of their seats, others expressed frustration that Nish, the antagonist, managed to survive. It remains to be seen how the storyline will unfold and if Keanu's fate is truly sealed.