EastEnders fans spot Cindy Beale blunder ahead of soap icon’s return tonight


Soap fans have noticed a major mistake in Cindy Beale's storyline as she prepares to make her long-awaited return to EastEnders tonight.

The Journey to Walford

After leaving London to retrieve her son Peter Beale, viewers witnessed Cindy boarding the Eurostar. Now, she's finally back on Albert Square, facing old friends, family, and foes.

A Shocking Revelation

The arrival of Cindy causes quite a stir as residents discover that she is still alive. Perhaps none will be more shocked than her ex George Knight, who will be left speechless when they reunite following Cindy's abandonment of him and their daughters, Anna and Gina.

An Unexpected Twist

Long-time EastEnders viewers will recall that Cindy went into witness protection, assuming the identity of Rose Knight. It was during this time that she met George and built a new life with him. Cindy's sudden disappearance led the Beale family to believe that she had died while in prison.

A Key Oversight?

However, fans have spotted a significant plot inconsistency. Taking to Reddit to voice their concerns, some fans questioned how Cindy managed to keep the same mobile phone number for so many years without raising suspicions in the Witness Relocation Programme. They also wondered why George never used her number to track her down, considering today's advanced search techniques available.

Speculations and Theories

With the debate heating up, fans have come up with various explanations for this blunder. Some suspect that George may have known Cindy's whereabouts all along, while others believe that Cindy retained her personal items when she fled and they were returned to her now that she's free.

An Emotional Comeback

Actress Michelle Collins, who portrays Cindy Beale, has shared a glimpse of what viewers can expect from her character's highly anticipated return. She hinted at emotional storylines, suggesting that Cindy has been through a lot. However, she also teased that fans can expect flashes of the old Cindy, the unapologetically rebellious character who captivated audiences during her previous stint on EastEnders.

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