EastEnders Fans Spot Glaring Mistake as Penny Returns to Walford


Fans Call Out Blunder in Recent Episode

EastEnders fans were quick to notice a major mistake in the popular soap as Penny Branning made her explosive return on New Year's Day. Viewers took to social media to voice their concerns over Penny's lack of a French accent, despite living in France for a significant part of her life.

Penny Follows Lauren Back to Walford

The episode showed Lauren, Penny, and Louie Branning returning to Walford, with Lauren ultimately getting arrested for drug smuggling. However, fans couldn't help but focus on Penny's accent, feeling that it should reflect her time in France.

Confusion Over Penny's Role and Disability

While Penny's specific job and the reason her disability was advantageous were not clearly explained, the focus was on her decision to follow Lauren back to Walford. As the storyline progresses, Penny's secret associated with drugs will be discovered by Peter, leading to further conflict.

Viewers Express Disappointment

Viewers expressed their disappointment on social media, questioning why Penny didn't have a French accent after living in France for so long. Some fans found it distracting and felt that it took away from the authenticity of the character.

What's Next for Penny, Lauren, and Peter?

Upcoming episodes will see tensions rise as Lauren learns that Peter knew about Penny's secret and didn't tell her. Additionally, Peter's disapproval of Louie living with someone involved in the drug world puts a strain on Penny and Lauren's flat-hunting plans.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.