EastEnders fans spot huge blunder as Zack Hudson lists all the women he slept with


FOLLOWING Brett’s arrival in Albert Square, Zack Hudson was given the bombshell that he may be HIV positive.

But eagle-eyed EastEnders viewers were distracted by a minor detail during last night’s instalment of the BBC One soap.

Zack Hudson was diagnosed with HIV

Viewers noticed a huge blunder during last night’s EastEnders episode

How will Zack cope with his diagnosis?

The chef portrayed by James Farrar was diagnosed with HIV in scenes aired on Monday as part of a hard-hitting storyline.

This sparked fears he may have infected several women in Walford as he has been a major hit with the ladies since his first arrival in 2021.

As a result, Zack had no other choice but to make a list of all the women he could have endangered to anonymously encourage them to get tested.

His former flings Janine Butcher and Sam Mitchell were included, much like ex-girlfriend Nancy Carter.

While two of them have vanished from the Square, Sam still remains and is due for some potential bad news.

A string of anonymous women also appeared on Zack’s list under a series of first names.

However, viewers of the London-based drama were baffled during last night’s episode of the program as the hunk came up with the list.

One soap fan pointed out that all the women appeared to share the same phone number.

“Christ almighty Zack shouldn’t be forgetting any woman’s numbers since they are all pretty much the same”, they penned and another quickly agreed: “All them phone numbers looked the same.”

“Like American TV phone numbers starting with 555”, a third viewer added.

Zack’s HIV diagnosis followed him reuniting with a former acquaintance.

After the initial shock from the possibility of having the virus, Zack did the right thing and got tested, knowing he had shared needles with a HIV-positive Brett.

But one woman didn’t appear in his list.

Before the HIV bombshell, Zack was adapting to the idea of fatherhood after finding out Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was pregnant with his baby.

The pair had a one night stand, meaning the market trader and her unborn child could be infected.

Zack saved Whitney from receiving an impersonal message and made the decision to tell her everything in person.

What’s in store for them?

Tune in to BBC One from Monday to Thursday next week from 7.30pm to find out.

Whitney Dean didn’t appear on Zack Hudson’s list

She’s pregnant with the hunk’s baby
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