EastEnders fans spot wasted new set ahead of shock exit

The Queen Victoria, a fictional public house from the television soap opera 'Eastenders', circa 1995. It is located at the BBC Elstree Centre in Hertfordshire. (Photo by Tim Roney/Getty Images)

ACTRESS Gurlaine Kaur Garcha is moving on from Albert Square once again as her character gets a life-changing offer.

But ahead of her exit, many EastEnders fans have realised part of the show’s set has been cruelly neglected.

Viewers noticed one part of the set has been cruelly neglected

The Panesar House Surgery opened its doors in July, 2022

And one exit is set to leave it deserted

Most of the show’s events take place in the iconic Queen Vic which has become a staple in the Square along with its many other venues.

When privacy is needed, viewers are given a glimpse of the characters’ homes, although some residents find dark corners in the streets to square things up, as recently proven by Denise Fox and Ravi Gulati’s recent steamy secret encounter.

However, many BBC One viewers have recently noticed one part of the program’s Elstree Centre set has been neglected.

In recent months, the Panesar family expanded their empire by taking over the local Walford surgery with Ash Panesar taking on an important role within its walls as a GP.

Yet the surgery has barely been seen on screens, although long-standing Walford resident Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) was recruited as a nurse.

Despite the stability her job has indubitably brought her, Ash will be receiving a life-changing job offer from Canada, which she previously missed out on.

Spoilers have confirmed that Ash won’t be staying behind this time as she’s due to leave Albert Square to take on a new challenge across the pond in scenes airing next week.

But what will the surgery become without her? Fans have listed their own solutions on a Digital Spy forum, demanding to see more of the surgery.

“They need to bring in a new GP as a main character in my opinion. The set is being wasted at present”, one soap fan penned.

“A couple of the current characters could gain employment as receptionists and they could add a long-term character who works there as a GP.”

“I know she currently has a job at the café, but I think Bernie would be a decent receptionist. She previously worked as a phone operator at KJP Pest Control so will no doubt have some transferable skills.”

They added: “Even if they had recurring GPs, that would still make the surgery relevant and you could see characters going there and having consultations from time to time.”

Another echoed: “I agree that set needs to be used. It would add something new to what is already a great show. It’s normal in real life to feel unwell and need to see a doctor or nurse even if it’s just a check up or blood test.”

One couldn’t help but mention Nina Gupta’s quick exit from EastEnders, which left the surgery even more deserted: “Agreed, it is currently being wasted and a new GP is needed urgently. Nina’s exit was very sudden.”

Another viewer suggested Ann Mitchell could reprise her role as chaotic Cora Cross and become a receptionist at the surgery.

This could be welcomed by fans who have been inconsolable since her on-screen daughter Rainie left Walford alongside her husband Stuart Highway and their son Roland.

“Cora might fit in well with Karen in the launderette”, one fan even added as another agreed: “Yes she would make a great doctor’s gatekeeper. None shall pass.”

The Panesar House surgery was bought by businesswoman Suki (Balvinder Sopal) in 2021 but it was only opened in July, 2022.

After acquiring the property, Suki hired her daughter Ash as a GP and Nina Gupta as a consultant.

The surgery currently has only one receptionist, Sarah, who was only shown on our screens amid Stuart Highway’s breakdown in August, 2022.

This led to him locking everyone inside and demanding an appointment as he struggled to cope with his postnatal depression.

While soap bosses may be scratching their heads, there’s plenty of storylines in which the Panesar House Surgery could make an appearance.

Could Lily Slater be taken there as she faces pregnancy symptoms?

Lola Pearce, who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, could also look for support while there.

Will producers finally be inspired?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

The surgery was already neglected following Nina Gupta’s sudden departure from Walford

How will the Panesar family empire cope without Ash?