EastEnders fans work out horror grooming twist for Lily Slater and Theo Hawthorne

EastEnders,15-06-2023,6716,Theo Hawthorne (WILLIAM ELLIS);Lily Slater (LILLIA TURNER),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 6TH JUNE 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

EASTENDERS fans spot concerning clue proving Theo Hawthorne.

The teacher – who is played by actor William Ellis in the BBC soap – returned to Walford tonight claiming to want to help former pupil Freddie Slater with his future.

Fans are worried that Lily is being groomed by Theo

Theo buys Lily some trainers she wants for her birthday

But instead he ended up bringing designer trainers for pregnant tween Lily Slater.

Finding the trainers Lily wanted in her kitchen, Stacey was confused but Lily was elated.

And then Theo revealed he’d bought them – claiming to have received a massive discount.

“I ain’t going to discuss this no more,” Stacey said as she told him to take them back.

“We ain’t a charity – it’s as simple as that. She doesn’t need some fairy godfather coming to make her dreams come true.”

He told her: “I know, I just felt bad for her. I grew up missing out on stuff. I was going to talk to you first but you went and found them first. I did get a massive discount.”

“I don’t care,” Stacey said. “It ain’t even about the money. 

“I’ve got two other kids upstairs who won’t be getting big birthday presents this year. It ain’t fair on them. And now I look like an evil mum. I’m sorry, you’ve got to go.”

Theo insisted he was just trying to do a nice thing but fans aren’t so sure.

Later they appeared to be proved right as Theo returned to give the trainers back to Lily. 

He told her: “You might as well take them, I can’t get my money back. Our little secret.”

Fans are convinced the teacher is trying to groom the family to abuse the kids.

One wrote: “Is this a grooming storyline? That teacher seems to have a lot of time to spend with the Slaters and now he’s moving on to Lily.”

A second said: “Is Freddie’s old teacher…grooming Lily???”

Another added: ” Our little secret 🤢🤢🤢Theo is definitely the next Tony King.”

Lily is pregnant despite her age
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