EastEnders horror as Callum is forced into grassing on Phil Mitchell to save Ben from prison


EASTENDERS’ Callum looks set to be forced into grassing on Phil Mitchell to save boyfriend Ben from prison. 

On the soap tonight, the police officer got caught between a rock and a hard place as his boss attempts to blackmail him into snitching on his lover’s dad. 

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Callum looks set to grass on Phil in a bid to save boyfriend Ben

This evening saw Ben arrested by Detective Inspector Thompson on suspicion of attempted armed robbery with Danny Hardcastle

After being taken to the station, Ben was interrogated.

However, he reveals nothing offering only “no comment” to all the police officer’s questioning. 

Taking a break, DI Thompson sees Callum waiting outside and tries a different tactic. 

Callum could be about to get Ben’s dad Phil in trouble

Guessing the men are more than just good friends, the corrupt copper berates Callum reminding him that he’s duty bound to reveal any relationship with a convicted criminal. 

Seeing Callum struggling to find the words, Thompson presses on and asks how he gets on with Phil.

He then tells Callum that although he’s always wanted to arrest Danny Hardcastle, he would love to put Phil Mitchell behind bars.

Callum doesn’t know what to do

As Callum tries to leave, Thompson tells him that Ben “will do” he would love to lock Phil up, telling him that would make him “very happy”. 

Upset, Callum asks his boss what he wants. DI Thompson tells him he knows he covered up for Ben when he saw him on the CCTV and lied to protect his boyfriend. 

He then tells Callum that he’s willing to turn a blind eye and let Ben go, even make the CCTV footage disappear, all he needs to do is help him put Phil away for good. 

Will he grass up Phil?

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